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Nigerian Artists 3 That Have Reached Top on Shazam

Nigerian Artists song is on Shazam, a popular music finding app, it also keeps a record of songs that are being searched for on it by its numerous users around the world.


These records are being used to make a chart of the most ‘Shazamed’ songs at a particular time. In this particular article, I will talk about that 3 Nigerian Artists songs that have made it to the number one spot on a Shazam music chart.

1. Kiss Daniel (Buga)


On May 19, 2022, Shazamed posted a picture of Nigerian artist Kiss Daniel on their official Twitter account after his song titled ‘Buga’ became the most Shazamed song in the world. The song also featured another Nigerian artist (Tekno). The song was released in May, 2022 and had been Shazamed over 800k times and counting.


2. Ckay (Love Nwantiti remix)


In 2021, a remix of Ckay’s 2019 hit song, ‘Love Nwantiti’ became the most ‘Shazamed’ song in the world. The song broke a lot of records in different countries and also had multiple remixes from different artists. The song currently has over 12.8 millions hits on Shazam.

3. Wizkid (Essence)


In 2021, Shazan also posted a picture of Wizkid after his hit song Essence which featured Tems became the most Shazamed song in the United States of America. The song was released in 2020 and it got over 3 million hits on Shazam.


Content created and supplied by: Jay Wasinda (via Juliemariosblog News )

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