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Crisis in marriages is now on the increase. Knowing and understanding the psychology of your partner is a good way to prevent recent cases of divorce and continuous home disagreements and fights that always ensue between husband and wife. Here are top ten secrets we have to know about women, knowing these will help us so well on how we treat them. the top ten secrets men have to know about women includes;

  1. Women are more emotional than men. Men love with reason while women put their hearts and whole being inside it. When women love, they love with their hearts but when men love, they love with their head. By being emotional, she tends to go extreme in loving and hating. So create emotional scenes to win your woman over. Do not become so stiff in everything and always hard on her. If she finds someone who will always melt her heart, division may come in and hatred of you may gradually arise. Love is good in marriages, and that love does not jump from the sky, you create the things that will bring them.
  1. Women are like eggs, you handle them with care. They are not to be treated like your fellow man. Her only strength when you push her so hard can be her mouth. This is why they seem to react when they are very angry. They love it when you pamper and pet them. They always feel close to that romantic guy. Be romantic with your partner, call her sweet and pet names. Find a name she loves so much and do not seize calling her such a name.


  1. Women feel secure around those who make them happy and smile. They are always nice to comedians. They are easily attracted to those people that can always put a smile on their faces. Do not be so mean with your wife every time, sometimes it is good to joke with her. Women love it. Always create laughter moments with your partner.


  1. Women feel so adored when you surprise them. Do not be so fast to reveal your good intentions for her. Make it a surprise. She yearns for you when you do this. They love surprises. Families should be a love and playground rather than a fighting ground. Surprise her with gifts, vacation, take her out, take her to the beach, to excursions. Make your marriage enjoyable.


  1. When she feels unhappy, try and play the second fiddle. Whatever you are saying at that time to prove a point will bring more quarrel. Give her a distance to come back to her senses. They love it when you are so sensitive to their feelings. After a moment, do not utter a word, go to her and put your hands around her and make her feel your warm arms. Connect to her feelings and speak slowly to her. Women love men that can understand their feelings. So reason in her not according to yours.


  1. Always dress fine and toppy. One thing that catches the eye of that woman is how you dress. Always appear classy . Women love flashy things. They will always be proud to be around that guy whom they can introduce to their friends. They want to be proud of you so that they can say ‘this is my man”. they would be proud to show people who their man is. So always appear cute and gorgeous in style.


  1. One thing that gladdens the heart of the woman is when she finds a man that is open to her and very sincere. Women cherish their happiness. Always strive to keep your wife happy.

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  1. Appreciate that little gesture, appreciate that nice outfit, the cute hair. Nothing makes women much happy when they receive appreciation from their man. They spent money to buy that dress, to take that picture, to retouch her hair, they are doing those things to make their man yearn for them. When you notice different outfits and different appearances in your woman, always be the first to appreciate her. Simply say “wow you look extremely gorgeous”. Such appreciation will always cling to her ear. She sends you pictures to appreciate not to overlook them. Do not leave that appreciation for another man. Appreciate her food, appreciate her advice, appreciate her efforts.


  1. When she has anything bothering her, she wants you to listen to her and not to castigate her nor begin to advise. . Because man is always solution oriented, he will like to bring solutions upon solutions, but this is not what she wants to hear. She appreciates a man that will think in her world. Also do not take your woman out of your decision making, she will always guide you properly.
  1. They love it when men show that they truly care. A woman may see a man and fall in love with him but will not rush to express it. She loves easily in the hands of the man that cares a lot. It is hard to say but know that women normally hide their feelings and watch the man and how  he reacts to their needs and emotions.


the above explained are the top ten advice every man should know about women in a relationship. always choose the best advice and do what is right. not all advice from family and friends is good. some advices can even make your love life sour and destroyed.


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