Best Online Dating Sites for Serious Relationship In 2020

The dating world has changed completely, you’re no longer stuck to your little village or community where there’s probably only five guys and those five guys have been sleeping around with everybody in the community. You’re no longer tied to that now you can date internationally because of something simple called the internet online dating was once a taboo but now it’s used widely by people searching for love. Can you find true love online? The simple answer is yes you can but it depends on which site you use and also how you present yourself both on dating sites and in person.


Now that’s a lot to talk about so let’s get started. Online dating is just as you hear it. It’s also known as internet dating. It’s a simple way for people to find each other to make contact via the internet. people use their internet to arrange dates and if they like each other’s company then they take the relationship further and perhaps they start dating and then after that they get into long-term relationships perhaps marriage. Online dating is as safe as you make it, practice safety rules such as always meeting up in public areas, getting to know somebody before you get cozy and have sleepovers and giving out your private information. Be a little bit guarded before you do that kind of stuff. keep your personal information private until you’re really sure about who this person is that you’re speaking to anyone who’s tried online dating knows that there’s hook-up culture and there’s also long-term relationship culture. Most online daily sites have a mix of the two while there’s plenty of apps and sites for hookups. In this write-up I really want to focus on sites that help you to foster a long-term relationship so this write-up is for serious people not for people who simply looking for a hookup.



The first site that I think is the best option for you is called is the best online dating site. It rains supreme with a proven algorithm and more users than the population of New York City. There is a free version available for this website. there are three options for payments, there’s a three month option that you can pay for 25.99 per month, there’s a six months options for 22.99 per month and there’s a one-year option for 19.99 per month bottom line though that this is a great website for long-term relationships. No wonder they are adverse for sites even on your TV screens which means it’s a trusted website for online dating. They have decades of experience. They’ve got a lot of matches on there or a lot of profiles on there so the chance of you finding your match is really high.


The second website for online dating is called, It also has a free version and it also has three paid plans. It’s a little bit cheaper than But like I said, you pay a premium actually for being part of one of the largest online dating sites so don’t be deterred by the price of is also a good website and it’s a website that also has a lot of users. So chance of you finding your match is quite high. it expands compatibility with politics and social justice views so basically if you’re looking for somebody who can match with your political views, this website is for you. It has a modern design but the ugly issue is, it’s not great in small towns, you might not even find a match if you live in a small town. The design is so millennial friendly. Its fun and it’s great to navigate that website if you are a millennial, you like fun things, you like catchy websites, if you like modern websites, this website is for you.


The next dating site that I’m going to be talking about is called They also do have a free version. E harmony is also one of the biggest online dating sites. I’m sure you’ve seen them in magazines as well on TV commercials so just like the very first dating site that I mentioned earlier, eHarmony is one of those sites with a high success rate. Their questionnaire delves deep into who you are and it really helps you to think about yourself and I think that’s quite important when it comes to dating. You need to first know who you are before you know who it is that you want in your life and this helps you to realize who you are. What type of man would best suit your personality or what type of women would best suit your personality. But it’s not super friendly to local people. So if you are in that spectrum perhaps this website is not for you. The site is great for you if you want a serious relationship and you really want to find that match.


The next daily website is called this is a contender to tinder because tinder was the unserious dating app where people just go for hook up but this one is like tender but it’s for more serious relationships, so millennially, if you like the whole swipe, right swipe, left action, this one is for you. They have a free version and I’ve also got their card here and it’s quite cheap because they’re trying to make it accessible to young people like you there because is quite informative. it asks people what do you think of relationship so you will know what your potential partner likes and dislikes to a large extent because there are certain websites that don’t really delve deep into what people think of certain matters but hinge does ask people certain questions that might get you thinking about the person that you will be calling a potential partner. It also has a rapidly growing database so there are so many young people joining that site because you know young people would like to explore. The free version really has limited options just to see somebody’s height you’ll have to pay a premium for that which I think is a little bit ridiculous. I feel like the site you know should have put a premium for other things like perhaps chatting to somebody for an extended period of time and stuff like that but just to see somebody’s profile you have to pay a premium. If you’re a millennial, hinge is for you.


The next website that I’m going to talk about is called elite singles. They do have a free version available .now if you are a career-oriented person, you are a professional and you want to meet like-minded people, the site is for you as professionals. perhaps you’re a CEO of a company, perhaps you’re just a manager that works long hours you don’t have time for dating, the site is great for you because it allows you to meet like-minded people, educated individuals, perhaps people you know who are pursuing things, doing big things in life and if you couldn’t be bothered with trying to meet somebody you know in person or in real life then this site would be great for you. They like to brag that millions of its members are college graduates oh and some of them have gotten university degrees, PhDs, masters and all of that. So they have a huge population of educated individuals, they’re good, they have a high price which fish out scammers and people who are not really looking for a serious relationship. so you have a low chance of getting cat fished by somebody because scammers don’t want to pay, they wouldn’t want to pay such a high price just to scam people on the internet and they also make recent updates which makes the questioning for you to update your profile quite fun. The subscription fee is quite high so if you have a tight budget maybe this website might not be for you and also the whole distance radar starts at 50 miles so you might not get matches in your surroundings or in your city. If you are professional you can speak both money career and love on those sites so this website is for you.


The next site I’m going to talk about is silver singles. They do have a free version available. silver singles like it’s name is for people who are trying to find love later in life so you know the more experienced people, the more mature people you know perhaps you’ve got one divorce under your belt or you’ve been divorced or maybe you’re a widow or a widower and you’re trying to find love later in life and you’ve been on hinge and tinder and you just see young 30 year olds and you’re looking for a side with mature people like you, silver singles is for you .the good thing is, this website is quite simple to navigate. It’s made with old people in mind so it’s easy for you to navigate that website. But the site doesn’t reveal premium prices until you sign up and it can be quite expensive. if you are a matured person and you are trying to find love later on in life this website, it caters to you and it’s best for you to join this website rather than sites like eHarmony because this site is easy to navigate and it’s simple enough for you to use. many of these sites and apps requires users to create an account before they even start browsing singles and it makes sense because they don’t want you to just browse and not create an account because then they don’t have members on their website. if you are still hesitant about creating a an account on these platforms, what I would advise you is to create a Gmail account specifically for these websites or any email account specifically for these websites that you only use for your online dating profiles and don’t use your real name perhaps use a nickname or initials or your second name. Don’t use your full name and don’t complete your profile completely. Don’t add a picture, if you want to browse your profiles, you can just create a limited profile and then you can browse the profiles.

If you’re happy with what you see on that dating sites then you can complete your profile fully and then go on from there. Online dating is only a waste of time if you don’t take it seriously. If you’re serious about finding somebody that you can spend the rest of your life with, then online dating may be something that you should try out. there are countless people who shared their experience with me and said that they met their partner online and they’ve been married for so many years and on social medias as well, there are many social medias users who have met online and they’ve been in successful relationships and successful marriages an example is it’s Judy’s married life, they have been married for many years now and they did meet online as with everything, there are always other people who want to come and take advantage of the system. Online dating is no different, there are many scammers who come on online dating sites and those catfish you and some of them want to scam you out of your money.


So here are my top tips for avoiding such scammers usually they have very dodgy profiles or picture perfect profiles usually the picture that they have is of a celebrity or sometimes stock images you know, then your eyes should be open because most of these images are not this and because you can just imagine if I try to impersonate somebody where am I going to get that person’s pictures. So what they do is they get very few images of somebody’s facebook account or somebody’s Instagram account and they post it on these websites.

Many scammers are living in one country but they’re looking for love in another specific country for example they will be living in Iran but they will be looking for love in the United States of America. Some scammers say that they are in the military and they’ve been deployed to a certain country. Most scammers will put very limited information about themselves on these dating sites and also they don’t link their online dating profile to their social media accounts. Scandals usually quickly want to take this write-up elsewhere. so you’ll find that the very second message or the third message will be do you have Whatsapp or do you have email or do you have a phone number because they want to avoid having too much information on the platform they’d like to take it away onto a different platform. Gamers profess love very earlier on you will find that somebody hardly knows you but they’ll immediately say hey I love you. Scammers want to meet you but something always comes up. they always have an excuse for why they’re not meeting you they also always have an excuse for why they cannot video chat you personally tell you they lost their phone or they don’t have a phone or you know they lost their money and talking about money they will try to get you to give them some money perhaps they will come up with sub stories you’ll feel sorry for them and you’ll start wiring them money and that’s how they’re going to scam you .some of them ask you for money outright or they ask you for help with their financial transactions.

If you’re still not sure about online dating here are six ways you can meet singles in your local area for free

First way I always say ask your family ask your friends ask your colleagues but my point is this people in your life might know somebody who’s single and somebody that you might be a perfect match with. There are lots of people who have come together because somebody hooked them up so you never know, asking somebody in your life and perhaps you’ll be meeting the love of your life.

Second way is to pick up a hobby just by playing your favorite sport maybe you might meet somebody who has a similar interest as you and then you already have something in common so pick up a hobby and be serious with that hobby and you never know what can happen right.

The third way is parties; a lot of people meet at gatherings so that might be something for you.

The fourth way is community events. Usually here in Nigeria, we have a town hall. I don’t know how you call it. It’s a community building where you can actually go there and there are brochures in front that tells you about all the community events that are going to be happening in your area so I don’t know if you have it where you are but that can be something for you. You can meet someone in your area so you don’t have to worry about flying miles and miles to go and meet a potential partner. Some communities or some cities or some towns have their events on a website so do make sure that you check out if your area has any community events that you can attain.

The next way to meet people is through volunteering. I would say however do not volunteer just for the sake of meeting somebody, only volunteer if there’s something that you’re really passionate about. I volunteer a lot at the moment, I haven’t volunteered since the pandemic and actually even before that I was very busy with other stuff but I used to volunteer in orphanages. I used to volunteer in old age home and in hospital. So volunteering is something that you have to be passionate about because you have to take care of people for free. So make sure that you don’t do it simply for the fact that you want to meet somebody but do it because you love it.

And finally another way to meet people is in church. I know that we go to the house of God to pray but there are many people who have make their partners in church, so when you go to church put your line stress on for potential partners. Actually there are singles groups in churches depending on the church that you go to, that you can join and perhaps you can meet somebody over there.


Well, I hope you learned a lot about online dating let me know about your online dating experience below, don’t forget to like and share

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