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Blood Sisters: Finally, a Nollywood series that really lives up to its standard

Blood sisters displays how African stories are told and is certain to take viewers on a very thrilling experience.

Title of Series: Blood sisters

Directors: Kenneth Gyang and Biyi Bandele

Time: 50 minutes per episode

Creator : Temidayo Makanjuola

Cast: Daniel Etim Effiong, Nancy Isime, Ramsey Nouah, Gabriel Afolayan, Uche Jombo, Kehinde Bankole, Kate Henshaw, Wale Ojo and Deyemi Okanlawon, Ini Dima-Okojie.

Date Released: May 5th, 2022

From platform that gave Nigerians the likes of ‘Man of God’, ‘Chief Daddy’, and “King of Boys’’ comes an original crime thriller series which captured the hearts of many Nigerians, Blood Sisters.

Netflix released its first Nigerian limited series on May 5th. Several hours after its released, viewers took to various social media platform to applaud the effort of the cast and crew, with the hashtags of the series and its characters which has been trending hot on Twitter.

Blood Sisters primarily is a story of two best friends, [Kemi and Sarah], who become fugitives after murdering a man. They find themselves running away from the law and the ruthless family of their victim.

Meeting the demands of what it takes to be a blockbuster,,” it is no surprise that the series has become a national sensation. However, as with other films, this four-part limited series has shortcomings.

The Tea [plot] If you have in mind that the opening of “King of Boys’ is enough to send you chills, Am sure “Blood Sisters’ will have you sitting at the very edge of your seat. We are introduced to two young ladies digging inside the ground and suddenly pushing a wrapped-up body into the hole.

A flashback takes us to the two ladies, Sarah and Kemi talking about Sarah’s marriage to Kola and appreciating the bond that exists between them. Meanwhile, Kola’s elder brother, Femi, tells his wife, Yinka, that he has found an assassin to kill his brother at the wedding.

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Gabriel Afolayan
Fresh from his meeting with the board, Kola arrives at the rehearsal dinner and sees Sarah. He gets angry when Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, Kenny, shows up, causing a commotion. In an attempt to apologise, a remorseful Sarah gets punched in the stomach by Kola.

The next scene shows both Sarah and Kola’s family at a dinner table, and it’s glaring that Kola’s family, especially his mother, hates both Sarah and her family because they are poor. After dinner, Sarah opens up to Kemi and her mother about Kola’s abuse. While Kemi asks her to stop the wedding, her mother orders her to tolerate it as the family’s financial well-being is at stake.

Kola manages to overcome the hitman sent to assassinate him during the engagement party. Sarah, after reflecting, has a change of mind about getting married. This doesn’t sit well with Kola, so he strangles her but is cut short when Kemi shoots him, causing his death.

The opening scene becomes apparent when both ladies desperately look for ways to cover up their crime.

Following Kola’s disappearance, his family is worried. While his drug-addicted sister, Timeyin, accuses their brother of killing him, his mother is optimistic that he has come to his senses and is taking a break. Meanwhile, the ladies have a problem when a photographer has incriminating pictures.

Due to his impossible blackmail, they resort to killing him. Kola’s body is later found, and a search begins for the girls.

Blood Sisters
To escape the police, the girls run away, facing different challenges thrown their way. With help from Kenny, the girls plan to flee to another country, but their plans are cut short when he dies at the hands of an organ trafficker.

Kemi sustains a significant injury following their encounter with the organ trafficker, so the girls’ journey to her grandmother’s town for assistance. During their stay, they were arrested by the police and taken to an abandoned warehouse by Kola’s uncle, Uncle B.

Kola’s mother, who seeks revenge, asks Femi to kill the girls. Seeing his hesitance, Timeyin offers to do the job, but she shoots Uncle B instead of attacking the girls.

The movie ends on a cliffhanger with Timeyin pointing a gun at her mother’s head.

8/10. Blood sisters takes a fresh spin on how African stories are portrayed and promises to take viewers on a thrilling experience.

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