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This Blog convey the best dating tips which can help beginners create a good profile for their dating app, so do not miss this Dating tips here.

Today we are going to be talking about online dating and more specifically how to optimize your swiping in 2020. Three Dating tips to make sure that the time you are spending staring vapid empty heartless swiping sites, you’re at least maximizing that time.

 Dating tips number one to help you maximize your time swiping is stop swiping. Swiping actually yields barely any results. it is all about paying that extra bit of money and getting the premium features so for example tin the gold or hinge premium tinder hinge and Bumble are the biggest sites in the UK. I believe they’re massive all over the world and literally if you get the premium features, you are going to maximize your match rate and you’re going to save yourself a hell of a load of time. So tinder gold, you basically pay a few credits for a month and you can see who swiped on you and then you can simply decide to like them or not. If you’re just swiping all day every day, you’re going to get barely any traction right. You’re going to get the odd match if any at all, you’re probably going to be liking women who are well out of your price range.
Anyway women who has far too many guys matching them and you that’s not going to get any hits, so you’re much better to let the women do the deciding as they nearly always, still in life anyway women tend to choose their partners more than men. We get what we’re given and then go through those matches see who you like with the tinder gold feature. there’s also hinge premium it has the same features on tinder you then combine the tinder gold with a boost a boost is when you press the booth symbol and you pay three quid and then it projects your profile into the top fleet so you’re seen by loads more people it’s made prominent in the algorithm for half an hour or something what this does is it means that those of people see you they then like your picture then that translates onto tinder gold. you can simply go through and seems like you rather than spending hours swiping on people you probably aren’t even seeing your profile so those two features together really works right so hinge premium tin the gold and there was a similar feature on bumble as well and always use booths when you use the boost to project your profile up like I said, make sure you do them at prime time.
So primetime is usually I find between 10:00 and midnight on a Wednesday, Thursday, maybe Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening when everyone’s be now and is in bed, they’re hungover thinking or a girlfriend or a boyfriend. So those are good times all right so use premium features all right our next dating tips.
Dating tips number two people think that just uploading your best pictures is okay I’ve got a couple of pictures of me looking nice on holiday three years ago I’ve got one of you know of me back at unit. No, you can’t have some mishmash portfolio of shitty images one of you with one haircut one of you ten years ago at unit. one of you when your muscles looked quite good one of you looking skinny in the next picture. It doesn’t work you need to have some fluidity in your portfolio all right this is why people with very strong Instagram always do really well on dating sites because they have lots of pictures and they’re aware that wearing nice clothes in the pictures and combining the color of the clothes with the location.
Lots of bright blue skies lots of good styling that this gets traction this attracts the human eye so it’s about having a aesthetically pleasing images so we’re going to mix location with color and of course with styling so the clothes is everything and this is especially pertinent for the gentlemen out there women online I’m much more aesthetic than us. That is, they want to see nice clothes it’s about the style which will representing the connotations in society of what you are doing with your style if you look like a stylish cool guy, if you like a guy who dress in shitty cheap clothes and has no clue what he’s doing that’s what you are a geek probably someone who’s not going to be cool not going to be desirable and that’s not going to get a date so you are what you wear make sure your clothes look good dress well and go to good strong locations as I said bright colors blue skies mixed with good styling and interesting backdrops is always the key so I actually shoot people tinder profiles their dating profiles their social media profiles professionally I use my knowledge as a stylist to help style the profiles I then take them to cool locations and backdrops throughout London and I shoot natural feeling tinder pictures for my clients for their profiles.
So we’re going to pop up a few examples here here’s before and after of one of my recent clients and another one so I show you these just to know how strong the difference is when styling the colors and the locations are done right. these are all guys who are having a very mediocre experience on tinder and hinge here in London and have since blown up with my help so any inquiries you can always hit us up on the website links are in the bio but if not or you’re not in England, you can always do this yourself so look at some styling videos or check out this websites, see what I recommend to wear. Copy some of the locations I’ve done, get a buddy to go out there and shoot a few hundred pictures on your iPhone believe me just that small amount of effort will translate to way more matches because also styling locations colors lots of pictures efforts women appreciate effort you are investing in your profile investing in yourself if you care about yourself you want to be prominent you want to put yourself out there that’s the kind of guy you are you’re confident pride in yourself and that’s very attractive okay that was point number two now point number three for dating tips. we use all the premium features to push our profile out there.
We’ve got new pictures done you’re looking cool cool styling nice backdrops locations are on fire you’re saying all the right things about you okay and you’re getting matches but every match you get you just say hey hello you’re on hey beautiful cool pics before it’s something and then it’s the way you’re coming across you’re boring you’ve got nothing to say there’s no investment why is any desirable woman who’s getting literally 60 guys going home every day gonna say hello to many of them right she’s simply going to look further onto the funny make her laugh all the hottest guys so unless you’re the hottest guy at the Brad Pitt you’re. The Instagram guy of a six-pack then you’ve got a thing of something better than hey or nice pics you have to be amusing so we have another video we’ve made on good first messages on tinder we’re going to ding up a link to that now boom there it comes but because I always like to give you Soon. I’m going to give you a new favorite open up shall we say first message to use for girls on sites like hinge until now so hinge especially it’s probably the best for quality matches right now in London and it tends to be lots of really cool pictures I probably seems to have traveled all over the world there’s beaches everywhere so it’s that kind of thing it looks like in a travel blog of baiting right so what we’re gonna say when you see a traveler looking girl it’s all about making comments which are funny tease people flirtatious and in line with their profiles and here’s the perfect design for it to travel a girl traveled a lot you’re gonna say let’s call her Sarah, hey Sarah it would appear you have traveled literally everywhere Wow cool pics well search know you have found me I am here your journey has finally come to a close wink face you going to send that and then you’re gonna send another message saying dot dot dot I wish monkey with his eyes over his face so make a recommendation for me where’s the best place should be question mark if she does not reply to that she ain’t replying . buddy so there is to it why does this message work so nicely ok you’ve seen that you’ve traveled a lot you’re paying reverence to her identity as a bohemian traveler type.
You’re showing you are interested in there, she’s going to like that ego boost you give her by saying wow you’ve been everywhere people have traveled a lot like people to know they’ve been everywhere it makes them feel good about themselves so it’s a nice compliment you then show you’re not a fan by saying taking her on looking at a dart in the eye and saying search no further I’m here you found me your journeys over don’t worry I’m here very confident and it’s flirtatious it’s relating it to some kind of a bond between you and her romantically. That is, you’re the one she’s been looking for and searching and that could finally be coming across a little bit cocky so we take it all away by hands over the face saying yeah right I wish in the second top-up message and then finish it off with a question to tie it all in about the shared experience of travelling which she loves to talk about so mainly a recommendation where’s your favorite destination then come on she’s gonna think he’s funny and nice and humble and he wants to hear about my experiences and thus I shall tell him and there we have a gentleman a very good message for a traveler II profile which will get traction. So I gave you that example because it’s this is what it takes for the average guy to start off in the right way with a woman who is basically above him I hate so if you’re punching out above your range it’s a girl you really want them to get to answer invest that time user answers like this.
 So as I said gentlemen I am a tinder, hinge, Bumble dating coach expert anybody wants of with how to shoot better profiles how to style themselves for dating how to talk better online any verbal skills everything we’ve covered today, be sure to hit us up via the commenting section.

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