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Didier Drogba Scored A Hattrick In Charity Match (VIDEO)

Chelsea Legend Didier Drogba scored a hattrick in a match involving OM Legend Vs UNICEF XI.

The game was between sports stars and football legends which saw Formula One driver scored one of the goals.

Arsene Wenger was the manager for UNICEF XI who lost the game to OM Legends with Chelsea man as their striker.

It was an entertaining event that saw players like Nasri making an appearance after retiring few months and looking overweight.

Other top names made their appearance with Robert Pires and Matthew Flamini also amongst the stars for the game.

UNICEF started the game as the better side who took an early 2-1 lead against OM Legends who couldn’t catch them in their exploits.

Didier Drogba took his side on the back as he scored a brace first then went on to score one more in which he did his iconic celebration.

So many names were seen in the match which was played in France as other sports stars came to play and others to watch and celebrate with them.

Ex Marseille defender Taye Taiwo was also named on the OM Legends team as he spent most of his career playing for them during his time in Europe.

Watch Highlight;

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