Mathematically We Can Still Make It To UCL – Arteta

By Jay Wasinda (self media writer)


Mathematically We Can Still Make It To UCL

Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta has reminded the media that Arsenal can still Make It To UCL next season after they lost 2-0 to Newcastle United yesterday.

The Arsenal made it clear to the media that Arsenal can still qualify mathematically but they must be willing to put in all work against Everton.


In his words, Mikel Arteta noted;

“We have to put our head down and accept the performance was nowhere near the standard required for the Champions League.”

He then added;

“From tomorrow we’ll prepare for Everton. It’s still mathematically possible.”

The Magpies took the lead in the 56th minute through Ben White’s own goal before Guimaraes added another in the 85th minute of the game to give Newcastle United a comfortable 2-0 home win.


The win leaves Arsenal two points behind Tottenham who sits 4th with 68 points and Arsenal will be needing a miracle on the final day to qualify for next year’s Champions League.

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