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EPL Assists Leaders

By Jay Wasinda (self media writer)


The race for the 2021/22 premier league playmaker award also heated up last night after Mason Mount provided his 10th premier league assists of the season against Leeds United last night and closed the gap on Mohamed Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold at the top of the table.

So because of that, I decided to put up this article to display the current standings after all matches were played yesterday.

1. Mohamed Salah


Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah, currently leads the race in winning this season Premier League playmaker award with 13 assists provided in 34 appearances so far this season.


2. Trent Alexander-Arnold


Mohamed Salah is closely followed at the top of the table by fellow teammate Alexander-Arnold, who currently has 12 assists in 31 premier league appearances for Liverpool so far this season.


3. Mason Mount


Mason Mount overtook Bowen on the log yesterday after he scored a goal and also provided an assist for Chelsea against Leeds United last night.


4. Bowen


10 assists and 10 goals in 34 premier league appearances so far this season.


5. Andrew Robertson


Robertson on the other hand, currently occupies the 5th position with 10 assists and 2 goals scored so far this season.


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Content created and supplied by: Jay Wasinda (via Juliemariosblog SportsNews)

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