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FT: Tottenham 0-3 Chelsea | Premier League 2021-22 | HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea eased past Tottenham in a London derby 0-3 as goals came from Thiago Silva alongside NGolo Kante and Antonio Rudiger.

The game started with Spurs dominating things which saw the Blues dealing so much pressure in the early minutes of the first half.

It wasn’t looking good for Chelsea who were unable to gain control of play as it progressed with them doing everything to maintain a solid defense.

Tottenham had their moments until things turned the other way which saw the Blues pushing back with so much pressure going forward.

Nothing could come through despite everything coming from both teams who created so many opportunities which they failed to make it count.

The first 45 minutes finished with Tottenham 0-0 Chelsea which saw them settling for a goalless scoreline heading inside for the break.

Second half was solid as the continued from where they stop while they push forward hoping to get the opener which didn’t happen immediately.

Soon Tottenham found themselves down by 0-1 as Thiago Silva scored in the 49th minute which saw the Blues taking the much needed lead after all their dominance.

Chelsea continued pushing more and hoping something good would come out which paid off as NGolo Kante scored another goal in the 57th minute to make it 0-2 for the away side.

The London derby was looking good for the Blues who were dominating things on the pitch against a weaker Spurs who couldn’t do anything.

The home side couldn’t find their way into the game as things continued to work against them despite starting the season as the best team.

Antonio Rudiger increased the lead to 0-3 in the 92nd minute as him and Timo Werner teamed up together before the defender finished off neatly.

The game finally finished with Tottenham 0-3 Chelsea as the Blues claimed another big victory in their third London derby this season in the Premier League.

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