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GOAAL! Mason Greenwood Score! Man United 1-1 Leicester City | WATCH

Mason Greenwood have pulled back level for Manchester United after they went down in the game before the youngster made things 1-1 against Leicester City.

What an exceptional goal from Edinson Cavani in the game which has been event matched and balanced so far before the scoring of this goal.

This will be a booster for the player who has been a key player in this encounter going forward as he has managed to make something happen.

What a game we have in our hands as they both keep going at each other despite the goal which looks to have opened things up a bit.

This player has been dangerous before him getting this goal which has turned the game into something good with the opponent looking to get theirs.

So much can be said about the goal from the build-up to the finish which saw the player makes it easy to go past the goalkeeper.

This might be the game changer or we can expect to see more coming from both teams who have been very good going forward.

Tell us what u think about this encounter so far and let’s get to talk more as this entertaining match progresses with more opportunities.

Watch Goal Below:

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