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Gurman: iPhone 13 could feature an Apple Watch-like always-on mode

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman discusses what he thinks Apple will announce with iPhone 13 within the next few months in another issue of his newsletter ‘Power On.

Bloomberg reported last week, that Apple has given suppliers the task of building 90 million iPhones this fall. This is 20% more than the 75 million units planned by the company for the iPhone 12 (2020). Gurman reiterates some features we expect from Apple’s iPhone 13 line.

“Look out for a faster A15 chip and smaller notch to get more battery life. Also, you can expect an Apple Watch-like always-on mode, 120Hz refresh rate, and upgrades in video recording.”

While a 120Hz display is rumored to be the norm, this time, Apple Watch-like always on mode has been revealed. This could benefit from the OLED screen of the iPhone. This feature has been expected by users since the iPhone X’s launch, but Apple has not revealed it.

Gurman’s prediction that users could access information on their iPhones without activating them would prove to be true. Users would be able see the time, weather and even the app that notified them.

A supply-chain report last year suggested that the flagship iPhones could have an always-on display. This will allow iPhone users to finally get the ProMotion technology that they have always longed for. They will also receive an always-on screen.

Gurman also confirmed that the iPhone 13 would have a faster chip, smaller notch and better battery life, as the iPhone 12 has a smaller battery.

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