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Has Thomas Tuchel’s Recent Praise On Ngolo Kante Went Overboard?

After Chelsea’s disappointing 1-1 draw with Leicester City at the Stamford Bridge Stadium yesterday, Thomas Tuchel praised Ngolo Kante highly in his post-match interview.


The German Manager said ” Kante is our Mo Salah, He is our Van Dijk, He is our De Bruyne. He is simply that player. He is our Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

Well, I all know Ngolo Kante is a full package in any team he plays for knowing how to help out defensively and also offensively.


The French International also makes himself available in every aspect game but in my opinion, doesn’t deserve such praise. Saying he plays every position on the pitch and even comparing his work rate with some top players in the game has gone overboard.

In my opinion, Ngolo Kante helps his team greatly in the defensive aspect, and only a touch of brilliance we see from his offensive game. This unnecessary hype on him discredits the efforts of other hardworking players at Chelsea.


What’s your take on this? Kindly drop your comments below. Thanks for reading

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