Healthy Friendships -Tips

Healthy Friendship- Friendship as a state of being emotionally attached to another resulting from feelings of affection, source of happiness, pleasure and companionship, you must not be in intimacy with him or her. It adds to one’s well being when you find yourself a good friendship.



1.       What is Friendship

2.       Importance of friendship

3.       Basis for true friendship

4.       Things that pull people together

5.       Behavior to enhance friendship

6.       Ways to improve friendship

7.       Friendship skills to develop

8.       Avenue for friendship

9.       How to keep a healthy friendship for long


What is Friendship?

Friendship is a gift that can make you the luckiest, happiest and most successful person in the world. It is a platonic bond between two or more people that came together to care, understand, share and respect each other’s idea and feelings.

Importance of Healthy Friendship


  • Friendship provides opportunity to have more experience outside your family.
  • It promotes mutual respect among themselves
  • Friendship involves caring for another, sharing thoughts together and having fun
  • It provides companionship
  • Friendship also helps you develop appropriate inter-personal communication
  • Friendship enhance the ability to socialize
  • It helps in building self confidence, self esteem, respect and conflict management skills
  • Friendship helps one another to develop self Identity and personality

Basis for True Friendship

True friendship includes the following

  • Accepting people as they are and not trying to change or make them live up to your own expectations
  • True Friendship always support each other
  • Having mutual respect, that is relating with one another and in ways that honor their personal values, decision making, choices and even if their choice differs from yours.
  • Being sincere and having honest communication among each other

Things that Pull People Together in healthy Friendship


There are certain things that can bring people together to become Friends

  • Having common interest or goal to pursue
  • Feeling warmth around each other
  • Having similar attitude and values
  • The ability to keep confidence
  • Background
  • Gender
  • Loyalty
  • Age

Behavior that enhance Healthy Friendship


  • TRUST: without being trustworthy, you cannot build your friendship. Trust is something two or more parties come together to build when they decide to trust one another. Feeling safe and reliable with them. Earn their trust through your actions and behavior without having fear or double mind on trusting you. And I all these, trust simply means trusting yourself and your own judgment. If you do not trust yourself, you can’t be able to trust another.


  • FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness is priceless but yet costly. In friendship, problems and misunderstandings do arise; problems exist because we exist and since we exist in relationship with one another. No one is above mistake. No relationship is perfect without having the mind to always forgive one another.


Friendship is to learn how to adapt, accept each other’s weakness and live with it. A person’s life and growth can easily be enhanced by your attitude of forgiveness. With forgiveness, he or she will be free from their follies, in which case, they moves ahead and grows unhindered.


  • LOYALTY: when you are real to someone, utilizing every opportunity you have to defend them and keep them out of any trouble. Loyalty is all about respecting their feelings, preventing them from hurting, always have their back and never to let them down. It is a sign of being honest, trustworthy, generous, and caring and being supportive.


  • ABILITY TO KEEP CONFIDENCE: when you open up yourself and willing to share your personal matters or anything with another in friendship, you have to develop confidence to be free in sharing anything with them. This helps in deepening your friendship with one another.



  • HONESTY: To build a good friendship, you must be honest to each other, communicate freely, rely on each other, and be open with each other and keeping your words. Always think before you talk to another if what you are about to tell them will hurt their feelings and let your actions to be clear to avoid hurting them emotionally if not psychologically because they believed you are honest to them.


  • LOVE: It is love between two or more parties caring for each other. Friendship requires sharing, closeness and communication.


  • COOPERATION: This is the best feeling ever when friends do things together and share a lot together for a common purpose. It enhances friendship when there is togetherness and oneness. This also enhances peer learning, self improvement and having more experiences in life.


  • EMPATHY: Showing how much you care and understand feelings of another in times of trouble, bad feelings, and stressful times enhances friendship.


  • RELIABILITY: someone you can call on and the person will always show up. Someone who has your back and can depend on for comfort. This ensures that no one’s time is wasted, someone you can believe, depend and trust in whatever he do or tells you.


  • MUTUAL RESPECT: Like I said earlier, it is relating with another in ways to show respect, consideration and value in whatever they decide to do. Treat each other equally even when they differ with yours.


  • AFFECTION: Showing concern to one another. Being close to each other, giving undivided attention, knowing one’s needs, making out time for each other etc.



  • SYMPATHY: Caring for your friend in time of difficulty or sad moment, understanding what he or she is passing through at that time and a genuine attention.


  • SUPPORT AT ALL TIMES: Understanding your friend and what he needs, being supportive and stick with each other in good or bad times.


  • UNDERSTANDING: this is more crucial to have in friendship. Know them better and respect your friendship. Know how to comprise, do not impose your own belief and saying you are always right. Try to understand another first.


Ways to Improve Friendship


There are so many ways you can improve your friendship. They include;

  • Having group activities together
  • Exchanging gifts with another
  • Sharing aspirations, experience and goals together
  • Dating without expecting intimacy
  • Solving assignments and some works together
  • Giving support in times of hardship and trouble
  • Making positive comments about each other
  • Making out time and having fun together
  • Paying each other visits


Healthy Friendship Skills to Develop


  • Learn how to keep secrets and build trust
  • Develop empathy, reliability and understanding
  • Practice active listening skill that is, establish eye contact with other, listen without interrupting, listen to the person without thinking of what to say next and empathize with the person as he or she speaks.

Avenue for Friendship



There are places you can meet new people and make friends with them. They include;

  • Your work place
  • Religious gathering
  • Peer groups
  • School or your class mate
  • In your neighborhood
  • Play ground


How to keep a Healthy Friendship for Long


  • Be patient with him or her
  • Be flexible and communicate freely with each other
  • Be open minded
  • Make out time for one another and always keep to things as planned
  • Respect boundaries
  • Learn to forgive and never to bring it up again
  • Be supportive and reliable
  • Mind the words you use when angry
  • Avoid giving advice always or trying to fix all problems
  • Always be ready to say I am sorry even when you have wronged or not
  • Always celebrate each other and try new things together










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