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Jorginho Reveal Difficult Start To Chelsea (Read Full Details)

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho has revealed how he was bothered after being tagged not good enough when he made the move to England.

The Italian has gone on to become one of the best signing for Chelsea as he managed to turn things around.

Jorginho was heavily criticized when he made the move to England as he wasn’t given the chance by people who claimed he didn’t deserve to be on the team.

The midfielder had a difficult start at Stamford Bridge after following manager Sarri from Napoli to Chelsea.

He struggled to make an impact in the team before Sarri was sacked and since then he improved in his game.

So far he has helped the Blues to their second Uefa Champions League while adding European Championship title and Super Cup.

Jorginho has admitted that it bothered him when people said he only earned a move to Chelsea because of his ties with then manager Maurizio Sarri.

Here Is What He Had To Say;

“The thing that bothered me the most was to hear that I arrived here because of Sarri,” the Italy midfielder told BT Sport. “That without him I would never be here.”

“That I didn’t deserve to be at this club because I wasn’t’ good enough. It’s not correct, I have my value.”

So far he has proved all critics wrong after showing how much he improved and helped Chelsea.

Jorginho is currently the best midfielder in Euro after claiming the award for his excellent performance during

Champions League and Euro2020.

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