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Lawmaker asks Ministery of Health to suspend the production of Covid vaccine until they provide a detailed plan before using the N10b

The National Assembly Joint Committee on Health has requested the Ministry from Health to suspend further activities on designs to use the N10 billion delivered to it by the Ministry of Finance for the creation of COVID19 antibodies.

At a joint sitting held in the Assembly perplexing on Tuesday, January 26, the board of trustees took the choice after it communicated disappointment at the clarification of the Minister of Health on how the cash will be used.

The Minister had told the legislators that the cash was essential for an arrangement between the Federal government and a Foreign accomplice, May and Baker Plc, for the creation of Biovaccines.

Reacting to the Ministers clarification, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Ibrahim Oloriegbe, stated;


This N10 billion given to you, with due respect from what you have given us, you do not have a specific detailed plan for it and our submission for now is that you can’t spend it until when you provide us with satisfactory answer.”

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