Married Life – How to Make a Marriage Work 2020

Always increase your sense of feelings, romance, fun, leisure, adventure and learning together. They help to prolong your marital life and long-lasting love affair.

Some people think that getting divorced is no longer a big deal when they seem their marriage is crumbling or has failed. It is so sad marriage dies off because neither spouse recognizes its’ value until it’s too late after they file a divorce and later realize how much they really gave up when they ended their marriage with each other. Divorce happens when marriage is taken for granted rather than giving their best in marriage, nurturing and respect the marriage deserves and desperately need.


Here are tips on how to make your marriage work – married life


  • Cooking together: The best experience any couple can have is cooking good meal together and can be more appreciating. Try and make cooking together a habit to help both of you go along with each other and strengthen the bond between couples


  • Communication: This is one of the veritable tools which keep marriage alive. Having good time with one another in marriage exist when couples shares opinions, idea with one another. Communication brings couples together and makes them great friends to one another. Lack of communication in marriage makes couples to keep away from each other and also makes the marriage boring.


  • Respect: Respect they say is reciprocal, that is, give and take. Couples are bound to respect each other for marriage to last. Respect increases the love a couple has for each other, but lack of respect can lead to separation or even divorce in marriage.


  • Love: Love is another veritable instrument in marriage. No marriage can stand or exist without equal love from the couple. Love in marriage is patient and kind. It is not jealous. Love in marriage is not selfish or irritable. Love in marriage does not keep a record of wrongs. Love in marriage never gives up when you love each other; you have faith, hope in your partner.


  • Responsibility: Shouldering individual responsibilities in marriage also keeps marriage going. Shying away from responsibilities makes a marriage to hit the rock. When a man fails in his responsibilities as the head of the family and shift responsibility to his wife, he has automatically lost his respect in his home. Your partner can only adore and respect you when you fulfill your duties and obligations as a husband and head of the family. Even if your wife earns higher income than you, don’t relent, try and do as much as you can to support the family too, she will appreciate your effort.


  • Working together: Working together also keeps the family together. Some men due to the love they have for their family and assist their wives in everything they do at home, even to the extent of cooking, washing and keeping the house neat. This does not make them less a man or the head of the family. Working together in the home only shows love in action but it is a pity that many people misunderstand it as a weakness on the part of the man.



The fact still remains that working together takes a marriage or a home to an enviable height.


  • Trust: Trust brings relaxed mind in marriage because, when there is no trust, couples live like strangers to each other. To win your partner’s trust, you must bring out the best in you, show transparency in anything you do. when you win your partner’s trust, you become his or her best friend and confidence. Your partner reveals his or her secrets to you, opening joint account with you and not concealing everything from you for lack of trust.


  • Honesty: Honesty simply means being sincere with your partner. A relationship built on the altar of falsehood cannot last. Some people deceive each other and marry under pretense. Being an imposter can only destroy your partner’s feelings and love for you when he or she finds out the real you. Tell your partner the truth and be opening minded to share anything with each other. Tell your real self before and after marriage, so that there would be no regrets and accusations. Make honesty your best policy in life so that your marriage will last, your married life should matter most and be sincere with your partner.



  • Working through problems: Marriage is for better or worse and problem shared is problem solved. There is no relationship and family without problems or challenges of life. Marriages and families go through social, spiritual, economical, emotional and financial problems. These problems can be made lighter when the couple carry it together without complain. When couples handle their problems together, it also unites them together but failure to carry their load together will destroy the marriage.



  • No power struggle: It is a known fact that the man is the head of the home and woman is his help mate. The man being the head of the home does not make him an autocratic leader in the family. It does not also make his wife and children his personal property which he will treat as he wishes. The man being autocratic in the home will only induce his partner and children to liberate against him, and eventually he will lose his respect in the family and his family may crash to pieces. So everybody should know his or her limits in the home and treat each other with respect duly deserved for marriage to last.



  • Not keeping score: Marriage is not a game for any to keep scores. There is no point in keeping scores for each other when it’s a union of one soul, body and mind. This creates barrier among couples and such couple rarely have a lasting relationship. Fighting with each other, finding faults always, doing something for your partner only when he or she does something for you, only then you can appreciate your partner, keeping malice, watching what he or she does etc. try your possible best to ensure there is always peace, instead of fighting, talk it out with your partner. Forgiving is the answer, always learn how to forgive and forget no matter how hard it is, for your own peace of mind.


There are other tips that will make your marriage work apart from the above mentioned tips. Here are other tips to improve your married life includes; investing time and energy on each other, allowing individuality, allowing freedom etc.

When your marriage goes sour, not only your husband or wife suffers, but the children too.

To make your marriage work saves you from physical ailments, physiological problems and even suicide. Try and be more health-conscious in your marriage than others, regular checkups, eat nutritiously and so on.


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