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Middlesbrough Chairman Blast Chelsea Amid Uk Ban (DETAILS)

Middlesbrough Chairman has aimed a shot at Chelsea football club over their new decision.

Chelsea The Premier League side is currently going through a ban imposed by the Uk government.

This ban was due to their own Roman Abramovich whose ownership of the club is the reason why a ban has been placed on them.

The club is said to be in the process of being sold before the Uk government decided to take into stopping them from doing business.

In the last couple of days, they have lost two sponsorship deals with Three and Hyundai which is amongst their major partners.

Recently they have released a statement saying they can’t sell tickets for their Emirates FA Cup game against Middlesbrough.

Chelsea has now decided that the game will be played behind closed doors which haven’t gone well with their opponents for the encounter.

This has not gone well with the Championship side Chairman who has come out to blast them for taking such a decision taken by them.

What He Had To Say:

“I can’t believe it. Sporting integrity and Chelsea do not belong in the same sentence.

“For 19 years corrupt money has fuelled Chelsea’s success. This is pathetic by Chelsea.”

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