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Moral Decadence In the Society

Definition- Moral Decadence is the act or manner concerned with the falling off from a state of excellence, decay, degenerated condition, being capable of not distinguishing between right and wrong in conduct of upholding standards of good behavior.


    The above definition will go a long way to help us discuss on Moral decadence as it affects society at large. There is naturally two great forces that control people and their actions. these are right and wrong, righteousness and sin. To be able to grapple with the problem of finding solutions to the ever increasing moral decadence in the society, we have to get at the root to trace the cause of his fallen nature. It is a known secret a lot of people who are caught daily in the cob-webs of moral decadence, do not necessarily enjoy the experience. because of that, there seems to be a daily struggle to save oneself from the shackles of bad living.


   Man was created with the power to choose his destiny. he was given the rare privilege of controlling himself and God’s universe. God endowed him with the power to choose, unlike all the other earthly creatures. Man was created with the ability to live a sacred, descent and disciplined life that will please God and bless his fellows. of all the wonderful things, seen and unseen creatures of God, man only has the image of God. He is the composite being made up of body, soul and spirit.



A study of the scripture tells us the ugly story of the fall of man from his position of excellence in the Garden of Eden. since then, the moral and excellent state of man has continued to degenerate.

This is the beginning of the moral decadence we observe in the world today. the progression has been on the downward trend ever since. the fall of man was a tragedy. man from then lost his sense of value. The Bible also tells us the resultant effects of the fall of man only on himself but on the other creatures that God made for his own good. the ground was cursed because of man. the animals had their own share of God’s punishment on evil. No one has ever violated God’s laws with impunity and gone away with it. like then, so is now and ever shall be.


A careful study of the scripture reveals that a lot of damage was done in man when he and his wife disobeyed the laws of God. It should not surprise anyone that ever since then, man has been going from bad to worse. let me now take you to another great chapter of the holy scripture that reveals a great deal of the fallen decadent nature of man and from there I will delve into the vexed issue of man’s moral decadence, its causes, its consequences and its cures.


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