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Newcastle Youngsters defend Chelsea Link saying the city ‘needs as many players as possible’

Newcastle City juniors defend Chelsea link claiming they need as many as possible teams to provide chances for the young players like Chelsea provides young talents.

It was revealed by Sports-mail  expert on Friday that the west London club forged a link with city young players and this has led to some Newcastle fans questioning why their club has granted a premier league rival to tap into talent on their pitch tho Chelsea didn’t break any rules as long as no player were approached before the age of 14 and no money is exchanged.

City Juniors boss, Steve Chambers believes only positives come from the arrangement.

Steve Chambers told sports-mail that he is a Newcastle die hard fan through and through, but they need as many professional clubs as possible to be active in the North East.

“There has been no real competition for Newcastle for a long time now and this used to be the target that the young players had options to go around the country”, He added.

He also revealed that Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough still have a huge profit in that they have until 14 to show the best players and they are working with all the North- East Clubs to aid put the boys into academies but the relationship with Chelsea should increase Chances.

Chelsea are looking forward in establishing similar links throughout London as they react to Brexit restrictions on overseas recruitment.

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