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Ohaneze ndi Igbo 2023: Quest for Igbo presidency and a call for peace

Ohaneze ndi Igbo is an apex Igbo socio-cultural group in Nigeria which represents all Igbo communities in and outside Nigeria.

But the group is not a political party, it was only formed to foster unity among its members and to represent within the political scenario of the country.

Ohanaeze ndi Igbo was later sanctioned by the Federal Military Government, maybe due to the Government’s fear of a grand suspicious movement being planted by the organization. hence, the creation of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in 1976.


Ohaneze ndi igbo on producing igbo presidency


The youth council of the Igbo socio-cultural organization has written to Igbo youths on the unity of Nigeria.

According to the Igbo youths, “this is the moment Nigeria’s unity matters most in our political survival history with the new generation leaders as the real stakeholders.

The youth council warned the political elites and elders not to overturn justice against the southeast zone to produce the current President’s successor in 2023.

The ohaneze ndi Igbo also said that all the Nigerian citizens must avoid whatever will bring war and crisis as they produce Igbo Nigerian president during the upcoming 2023 remain an antidote.

They said, “Remember, every element of war, the youths will suffer it most, because, we are the real patriotic Nigerians who believe that equity, justice and fairness, and the unity of Nigeria with other tribes and cannot be overlooked, which will get Nigeria going to a better productive and commercial nation in the world”.


The youth council said that Nigeria can overcome countless problems preventing her socio-economic and Infrastructural growths, and as well as, its political and security development is for all citizens to stop the injustice being released against the Igbos.

“Do you expect our Senators and Representative members that are enjoying solidarity funds to be on the battlefield? Do you expect these people who steals our money, that have eaten any kind of dishes in the world to be inside the bush firing guns and eating rats and lizards?

“No, my fellow youths, wake up and let us all join hands and rebuild Nigeria with equity, justice and fairness. Join the campaign for equity and justice for the actualization of Igbo Nigerian president from the southeast zone 2023.

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