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Man City And Liverpool Likely For A Playoff Match

By Jay Wasinda (self media writer)


The English Premier League title race is going to go down till the last match of the league. Man City and Liverpool are locked at the top of the league table in a very fierce battle that has dragged on since January this year. As things stand, if Liverpool win their last game and Man City loses or draws their own final match of the season, then Liverpool will be crowned EPL champions. But there is a situation that may warrant for a playoff in order to decide this year’s EPL champion.


If Manchester City lose by a scoreline of 6 – 0 to Aston Villa and Liverpool draw by a scoreline of 5 – 5 against Wolves then the EPL title winner will be decided by a playoff match. A playoff match is a ‘mini-final’ where the two of them will fact each other and the winner will be crowned the EPL Champion.


Although this situation is very unlikely, but it is the only way that these two colossus will meet themselves in a playoff match – something most fans would want to see.

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