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Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus gets COVID-19 Vaccine

The vaccination campaign against coronavirus began yesterday, 13th of January in the Paul VI Hall in Vatican City as was confirmed by the director of the holy see press office, Matteo Bruni. which continues with the holy father, pope Francis and pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI receiving their first doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccine is being given to the elderly ones, Health care personnel, public safety personnel and also those in frequent contact with the public but young ones under the age of 18 were excluded at the moment.

Pope Francis had revealed during an interview with Italian television station Tg5 on Sunday that he planned to receive the vaccine this week.

The Holy father tagged the vaccination as “an ethical action.”

Private Secretary to Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, Bishop Georg Gaenswein, had also confirmed that the Pope emeritus has received the vaccination today.

Matteo Bruni said;


“I can confirm that, as part of the Vatican City State vaccination programme to date, the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine has been administered to Pope Francis and the Pope Emeritus.”


It had already been reported that Pope Francis had received the vaccine on Wednesday January 13, the first day of the Vatican’s vaccination drive, but officials declined to confirm the news.

The Vatican News portal said 93-year-old Benedict was given a dose on Thursday morning. The former pontiff, who stepped down in 2013 and now lives in a converted monastery in the Vatican gardens, is increasingly frail.

In an interview broadcast at the weekend, Francis urged people to get the vaccine.

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