How to Know Your Real Friends in 2020

How to Know Your Real Friends in 2020: I am going to be enlightening you on how to know who your real friends reading this article. you are going to know exactly those who are truly your friend if you put them in a scenario-what if something happens to me, will you be there for me, we still remain my friend, will you stand for me, will you support me, will you encourage me, will you advise me, will you tell me things that I need to do to get out of that problem.

If anyone you call or you see as your friend is not supporting, my dear he or she is not your friend. Your friend is that person that supports you in any positive thing that you are doing or you wish to do. Leave that before you start doing something, you have some people you call or you see as your friend.

You might tell them; hey I want to start up a business for example, how you see this.  If your friend is not encouraging you, if they are discouraging you, they are not your friend because they don’t want you to do something useful to your life. if your friends are not supporting you in what you are doing, supporting you to grow and that word many people that I called my friends sometimes you see that if you post if you send your videos to them they will not help you, understand that those people you call your friend they are not your friends.

The people you think are your enemy are really those that are your friends.  You start up a business or something you need support, you would tell your friend they will not support you. They will not be there for you if your friend is somebody that is not supporting you; any positive things I’m not talking about when you want to do something bad you expect somebody to spot you look.  I say it, they are not your friend, therefore, you should limit yourself from them because they don’t want your progress.

Things that will help you to know who your real friends trust. How do you trust this person, put them to the trust test, your friend is not somebody that you can’t trust then the person is not your friend.

Has this person disappointed you before, have you put him or her in a test trust test before and he tells you it’s not your friend people who gossip around you about other people? They are not your friend because one day you yourself would gossip.

the way they are gossiping about other people around you the way they will gossip about you behind you so your friend should be somebody you trust in any given circumstances for the situation you are sure of this person can trust me more, you feel confident with this person if you have a friend that have heard you before they believe in me he or she will continue to and he will never stop it so this person is not your friend because he or she does not trust work another one that who happy to know who your real friends are experiences,

what experience have you had with people around you people who call themselves your friends and people you call your friend what kind of experience have you have with them you have beautiful experience or bad experience this think of it this way those people I am interacting with have I have good experience with them have they been treating me well these are the things that will help you know.

I believe in this saying that experience is the best teacher, the type of experience you have with people the way they talk to you, the way they behave especially when you have a problem or you are doing something positive, the way they react, the way they support you or any attitude that shows you would tell you if they are your friend or not. Some people will be talking to you, discussing something, asking you how you are doing, you should always pay attention to your experiences with people.

This matters the experience you have with people will tell you the way they finally treat you and also happy to know if actually, this person is truly my friend or not so we need to pay attention when dealing with people if somebody doesn’t like you or if somebody is not your friend.

It’s very simple if you are not paying attention. If you pay very good attention, you will be able to determine what type of person the person is for her to stand with you sometimes. I have come to study people the way you talk to me, the way you react when I tell you something about myself, the way you treat me. I studied them from their trauma completion if truly you are my friend or not.

Another one is defense. Your friend is someone who defends you. These are the people that are truly your friend. They defend you, presently they will be talking good things about you, but once you tell them your secret, they start talking against you or when you are not even there. You’re being just because they will defend you when somebody tells them something like Linda did something like this Linda is somebody, like this Linda mean you would have found them and I know she is not the type of person that winters rusty.

She’s not like that’s why you’re talking about her like that. These are your friend, your friend defends you. They don’t want you to have to be with somebody if you care for your friend but when you go out here, she would tell you hi, you know what you did is not really right but presently it’s a love having more and problems to the situation. here I’ll show you find a way to ease it to bring you out of a place for them leather behind your recorder but if somebody, when you are not there defensible of immigrants and in your person because of love.

You know you are a good person but behind you, they have subdued as people that are not your friend. I hope you should be a defensive somebody who’d defend you in any situation you are in.

Another one is confrontation. Yes, your friend is somebody who confronts you when you want to do something that is not good. When you are doing something that is not good when you are doing anything that is not acceptable. Your friend will confront you and say hey this tiny world and this thing you want to do is not good, I must tell you the truth, I am your friend, I will not deceive you, I will not lie to you. What you are doing is wrong, you stop it.

They will look at you in your eyes and correct you on what people who will just leave you. Know some people they just disguise themselves to come to you as your friends, deadly want to hurt you because they are not seeing a way to hurt you so then the next thing they have to do is to disguise themselves, pretending that they are your friends. They will come to you only to use that as an advantage.

They will feel if you are not careful, you are going to the victim. So anybody that sees you when you are doing something wrong and the person didn’t correct you, the person is not your friend. I have a friend in fact I am always grateful and I appreciate her.  That is no good or any topic I didn’t treat of the way I supposed to treat it. You did very well but I think they assaulted that is like I mean this you didn’t do it.

Lady supposed to be like this is my friend because she looks into my eyes, tell me the mystic and I accept it. I am not those people that you will convert of your mistake they will be bragging move whenever I’m doing something is from your mistake and you correct yourself and you learn but if your friend cannot correct you, they go there form a group to discuss her but you look at this one she’s just herself there, let her be disgracing herself.

I am going to correct a less-hot continue those people are not your friend. your friend should be not someone who will confront you to tell you the rocks that we are doing the rough thing that you want to do and the tips that we are not being very well. They will tell you to do it properly, you do I want to say it behind you but see you they address it to you as another way you can.

Oh know who your friends should be somebody who we complement you for example if you are putting on a new or beautiful closure of your friend, we look at yes and Wow my friend you are looking so beautiful as your clothes are so beautiful. I like your clothes, you know your makeup looks so beautiful, you know I like what you are doing, you are doing very well in business, you know your friends will compliment you when they are complimenting you, feel so happy your friend should always tell you how you look like if you are beautiful that they tell you to look beautiful and if you are not looking beautiful they should also tell you that you yes because they are your friend you know a good friend is just like a guiding engine.

You know because they watch your back you, may be you may be doing something I think that you are doing it very well but your friend is not the one to tell you how distance is going if you are not doing something very well and that call themselves your friends are there to support you telling you hey do you know what I did to you, they are just holding you so that you continue to disgrace yourself but your true friend will tell you how this thing looks like that was why I talk about that’s a lady she’s so wonderful.

So your friend should compliment you when you are doing great, when we are doing wrong, they should also tell you that what you are doing is not good. Those are the type of people you will make your friend or anybody that is doing this just knows that he or she is your friend.

Another quality that will help you to know who your true friends are is that they comfort you especially in a hard time; your friends will be there for you in difficult moments. You notice it that some people you call your friends once you have a problem, you will not see them again until after a long period when they see that nothing is over, they will just call it hello by then you might have even forgotten about them.

You will not be looking at the number, who is this until the person explains itself then you will remember your friend is somebody that will be there for you in a difficult moment and a good moment to comfort you just stand beside you especially when that thing just happen that you feel that well the whole world has ended and you don’t have anybody. Your friend should be there to encourage you, to comfort you, to stand by your side, to tell you that is not the end of life. Do you have people in your life that when you have a problem run away when you need the attention they will not be anywhere?

They will not be found if those people in your life they are not your true friend, they are just looking for an opportunity to do something to you and eventually that thing happens, what we are looking for half a pond so we have to go, they go but your true friend will be with you in a difficult moment and implicit moment doses.

How you identify your real friends: I hope this article is a lesson because I have really learned a lot from people. before I am the type of person that have many friends, you know when they come to me calling of warm talking to me, I  think that you have a friend indeed until I started my blog, I love who my real friends are, some people tell you they don’t have time, they move from you. What will it take you to just drop a comment? If you are my friend and you are not reading from my blog, you are not my friend because you are not encouraging me.

You are not supporting me. A friend should be somebody who is supportive and encourages me and stand by me, so if you are not doing all these things you are not my friend.

So another thing is your friend should grow with you. Your friend should be that person that is always happy when you are making a progress. If the person sees that you are making a progress and becomes angry or disappointed, that person is not here because he or she doesn’t want you to progress. He doesn’t want you to grow that is not your friend, your friend should be happy when you are growing, they should encourage you, they should grow with you even if these people that are teaching you something when they see that you are growing they should feel good for you, they shouldn’t be jealous that you are growing.

There are some people that should be helping you or telling you something and they notice that they are making progress from that, they will disappear even if you call them to accept, they will tell you they don’t have any idea while they have. Why they are doing this because they don’t want you to grow, they don’t want you to grow more than them. This is very bad, we grew by lifting others. If you are growing with them, you see nothing is holding you.

One day we’ll just fall but if you are growing and lifting others so that you will never fall but if you just got to get to do it on your own, one day you just fall and it will be the result of selfishness. So after reading the points that I made you found the site or know who your real friends are, In fact, I have them in quantum. I was calling them my friend, they won’t pick the call.

So I think you should do the same study, watch their character and know they are equals in your life because some people come to your life not that they want to be of help, they want to be with you to deal with you personally but being outside they will not understand or find what they will do to you. They came to get all the necessary information they need then they will use it and hit you so that it will torture you. Some persons are the devil in disguise; they are not your friend so you should be careful when choosing some friend.

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