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Love of my life


Start your calendar by writing down one reason to love each other each day. Get inspired by these 150 reasons and live a year full of love. Treat yourself to one each day and together discover new ways to thank the happiness you feel for being together.

Every day is a new opportunity to love yourself a little more! These 365 thoughts of love are reasons to love each other every day. In addition to giving each other bouquets with the flowers that crowned the wedding decoration, discover new ways of expressing your feelings with these lines to celebrate throughout the year. Get inspired by them to choose the phrases for wedding invitations and use them to make each day more special.

1. Because with you I can show myself as I am.
2. Because seeing you in the morning wakes me up faster than coffee.
3. Because I am free to love you and every day you give me reasons to choose to be with you.
4. Because at your side there is no routine: every moment counts.
5. Because the things that seem strange to me about myself seem charming to you.
6 . Because I can always tell you the things that bother me and at the end you give me reasons to be happy.
7. Because I make you laugh even with the worst jokes.
8. Because you sing beautifully, even when you’re out of tune.
9. Because you don’t need any tricks to make me believe in magic.
10. Because you made me discover that I can love with all my heart without fear of anything.
11. Because you opened your heart to me and in it you built me ​​a home.
12. Because you share your life with me, without hesitation or reservation.
13. Because my name sounds different when you pronounce it.
14. Because you make me blush every time you kiss me.
15. Because you have stayed awake with me when I have not been able to sleep.
16. Because in our relationship there have been good days and also bad days, but we have all been together.
17. Because you let me put (or take away) the pineapple from the pizza and the cheese from the quesadillas.
18. Because my greatest wish is to make you smile every day.
19. Because your jokes make me laugh, even if days have passed.
20. Because of the way you smile and the eyes you roll when you get sleepy.
21. Because when I’m with you I forget any problem.
22. Because our love is strengthened every time we accept our differences.
23. Because the color of your eyes is the color of tenderness.
24. Because every day we choose to be together and love each other every second.
25. Because you draw stars on my skin and snails on my hair.
26. Because disheveled or dressed for a gala, you always see me beautiful.
27. Because you leave me little notes or send me messages that improve my whole day.
28. Because we prefer to be together and angry, rather than apart.
29. Because you like to take care of me and pamper me when I don’t feel well.
30. Because you always know what I’m talking about, even though it’s been hours since I changed the subject.
Reasons to love you wherever we are
trash the dress session on the beach
31. Because you accept me as I am even when I wanted to change.
32. Because you live in my heart, in every moment that we have been happy.
33. Because one word from you makes any day the best day of my life.
34. Because you are the first person I think of when I want to share something.
35. Because since we love each other I don’t need to wish on the stars.
36. For all the times you’ve made me laugh until I cried.
37. Because I’ve seen you try something without giving up until you get it.
38. Because I can’t wait to get out of bed and make my dream of seeing you come true.
39. Because you fill my heart with illusions and my mind with confidence.
40. Because we imagine together, we dream together and we believe in each other.
41. Because when I met you, I no longer had to look to anyone else for what I had always wanted.
42. Because I am happy by your side and when we are far away, I feel close to you.
43 . Because a message from you is enough to brighten my whole day.
44. Because together we have discovered places that I thought only existed in my imagination.
45. Because you respect that I think differently from you and you listen to my points of view.
46. ​​Because you make me dream of everything my heart desires.
47. Because when I see a picture of you it makes me want to sing.
48. For the time you told me you loved me more than anyone.
49. Because since I love you I know that being cheesy is a way of loving.
50. Because your name is synonymous with happiness for me.
51. Because you are the piece that completes all my puzzles.
52. Because you make me see stars that only shine for us.
53. Because even our contradictions are in harmony.
54. Because thinking of you, even the simplest things I do with love.
55. Because our love is not a sacrifice, but what gives us life.
56. Because you took me by the hand and helped me jump the puddles on my way.
57. Because all day I spend looking for a moment to talk to you.
58. Because you have never tried to be someone you are not.
59. Because, even if we don’t experience the same things, you make an effort to understand how I feel.
60. Because since we’ve been together I don’t think anything is impossible.
Reasons why you are the love of my life
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61. Because as I am is as you see me, and so you love me and accept me.
62. Because you always listen to me and what is important to me is important to you.
63. Because I can tell you anything and you always listen carefully.
64. Because we can tell each other about any problem and find the solution.
65. Because we guess what we are thinking just by looking at each other’s eyes.
66. Because we always try together and we can laugh when something doesn’t work out for us.
67. Because I love hearing your laugh more than listening to any song.
68. Because in order to be with me, you even watch the movies you don’t like.
69. Because my well-being is important to you and you enjoy seeing me happy.
70. Because you are the person who has made me the happiest and with whom I have the most special memories.
71. Because being who you are you have my love and my admiration.
72. Because, even if I didn’t know it, the day I met you was the best of my life.
73. Because being with you I remember that I am unstoppable.
74. Because with you I have never had to hide my scars.
75. Because you keep all your promises and you know the value of commitment.
76. Because your presence accompanies me when I need to be alone.
77. Because our love drives us to be better and better, even though we are enough for each other.
78. Because my passion is you and I am yours.
79. Because in all the constellations I see the two of us embracing.
80. Because by your side I can rest from the world when I need it.
81. Because I can never decide which of all your virtues is the one I like the most.
82. Because you deserve all the love you make me feel.
83. Because when I imagine the sea, you imagine us in a boat.
84. Because you are not jealous and you have never tried to make me jealous.
85. Because I would hear your voice even in the silence of space.
86. Because you would never allow me to be disloyal to myself.
87. Because you have never doubted the deep love I feel for you.
88. Because talking about you, I would make anyone who listened to me sigh.
89. Because we can make any place a home and forget about the world.
90. Because you always remind me of what is truly important.
Reasons that make me love you more and more
wedding couple in pre-wedding session
91. Because when I’m with you I can live in the moment, without remembering the past or trying to see the future.
92. Because our relationship has a magic word: respect.
93. Because we have never doubted each other and that has made us strong.
94. Because you accompany me in my worst moments and turn them into the best memories.
95. Because you encourage me to be happy with what I have while still expanding my horizons.
96. For the walks we have taken at sunset, between streets, beaches and gardens.
97. Because you make me feel loved even when I think I don’t deserve it.
98. Because I would trust you with anything and I trust you with what matters most to me.
99. Because you understand my feelings, even the ones I don’t know how to express.
100. Because when I feel sad you comfort me like nobody else.
101. Because every word of yours remains written in my heart.
102. Because you give me the courage to express everything I feel.
103. Because you know how to say that you love me in a thousand languages ​​and without words.
104. Because you help me see my mistakes without making me feel bad about them.
105. Because asleep or awake, you are the guardian of my dreams.
106. Because you accompany me to the places that all my life I wanted to know.
107. Because you give me my space and respect my privacy: there are no secrets between us.
108. Because I had a suspicion that I was unique and you confirmed it for me.
109. For your contagious desire to live, which fills me with energy.
110. For all the projects that we have started together and that we have not rested until they are finished.
111. For all the places that are waiting for us to go through them together.
112. Because you look for my smile even if I hide it in the dark.
113. Because you never keep a compliment, nor a comment that can make me grow.
114. Because you would make any honeymoon destination a paradise.
115. Because you have made me listen to the music of the stars.
116. Because every day you make me discover that I am capable of loving deeply.
117. Because, for me, living to the fullest means living with you.
118. Because together we dare to do anything crazy.
119. Because you show me goodness that I didn’t think was in the world.
120. Because you are the best counselor and you always listen to my concerns.
Reasons why I love having you in my life
happy newlywed couple
121. Because every difference has been an opportunity to get closer.
122. Because during the day I dream of you awake and when I sleep I dream of waking up next to you.
123. Because I think of you every time I hear a love song.
124. Because I can count on you being there for me whenever I need you.
125. Because you fill me with hope when I am afraid and with security when I have doubts.
126. Because you love my gifts… even when you don’t have any left.
127. Because I could write a book or create a work of art thinking of you.
128. Because you help me to walk a different path every day and to enjoy each landscape.
129. Because when I see you, I see the best of a human being.
130. Because you fill me with luck, as if I had found you at the end of a rainbow.
131. Because when everything is dark, it is your light that guides me.
132. Because you never get ahead of yourself when we start watching a series together.
133. Because, without looking for it, you always find a way to make me sigh, smile and dream.
134. Because you support me on the diet and take me for tacos when I leave it.
135. Because you let me choose the next movie or series that we are going to see.
136. Because with you love is like a party, always full of joy.
137. Because you have made me see brighter colors than I knew.
138. Because the looks we share are already a language of two.
139. Because your thing is not to criticize, but to propose solutions.
140. Because, since you’ve been with me, none of my worst moments have been faced alone.
141. Because sometimes I look in the clouds for one that looks like you.
142. Because I know that you are authentic and completely unique.
143. Because I never doubt you: your word is final.
144. Because you value me for who I am and for what I do for you and for myself.
145. For the time we lay down on the grass and played find shapes in the clouds.
146. Because it doesn’t matter where we go as long as we go hand in hand.
147. Because you have given me unforgettable kisses that make me feel alive.
148. Because when you hug me, I feel like I’m on a magic carpet.
149. Because you make me feel like I’m ready to take on any challenge.
150. Because you made an ordinary day a date to mark on the calendar.


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