Relationships: Is It A Surprise For People Who Are Attractive To Be Single?

If one was to find out reasons as to why someone isn’t in a relationship, it might not really surprise them, and this could come down to the main fact that they are not physically attractive. On the other hand, if they were to be attractive it might be a bit hard for them to understand why this is the main case.


One Outlook


Would be very easy to say that one would really need to be a shallow human being to see life in this perspective., These can really be narrowed down to the fact that they are actually basing there value on what they look like, as opposed to what they really are like as a person.

How this person treats other people and what they stand for is then not relevant; the only thing that matters is the face and body that they have inherited. if there were not born this way; it could be a sign that they have had plastic surgery for instance..


Two Parts


As a result of this, it could be said that it would be better for one to no longer base on another person value on what they look like or choose to look like, and to pay close attention to what they are really like as a person. ‘After all, it it’s not as if majority of the people who are attractive have had to do anything to look good, but if someone has a good personality, this will have taken a certain amount of effort and possibly time.

One could then meet someone who is very attractive and single, and they could let it go over their head. Alternatively, they could meet someone is not physically attractive and single, and they could be really surprised.


A Number of Reasons


So when a man is with someone who is attractive physically, it is going to help by making him feel good and there is a strong chance that his children will be healthy. It could be said that the very first part has to be in existence in order for him to want to engage in second part.

One way of looking at these would be to say that this is naturally a way of getting a man to reproduce. Still, it would be very inaccurate to say that men are the only ones who care about how someone looks, as women are almost just the same.


Creating the Right image


If one had necessary need to please others and to come across as “progressive”, for instance, they could tell themselves and others that looks don’t matter. But if they were to have this outlook, it doesn’t mean that they wont be drawn to the people who are physically attractive.

Due to this, they could end up saying one thing and behaving in a way that is the completely opposite. However, there is what one will be drawn to and then their is the kind of person who they will be able to attract.




Even though one might be drawn to man or woman who looks a certain way, it doesn’t mean that they will be end up attracting them. There can be a number of reason as to why these is the case.

For one main thing, they might not really value themselves, and this can actually cause them to settle down for people who they are not really attracted to. Also, one might not be in the best shape, and this is can result in making it harder for them to attract the kinds of persons they desire.

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A Shock


So having all this in mind, it makes it easy to see why one might be surprised if they were to really come across someone who is very attractive and single. But even though someone is physically attractive, it doesn’t really or actually mean that they are perfect.

At the very end of the day, they are still going to have certain issues like everyone else, and this is something that really needs to be kept in mind. Yet, with that aside for the time being, there are a number of reason as to why they would be actually single.


The Common Reasons


What this could show is that this is someone who has only just broken up with another person. This could then be a time when they are happy to spend time by themselves and to focus on other areas of their life.

Alternatively, they might not have the time to be in a relationship at this point in their life, and this might show that they are focusing on their career. Either way, being in a relationship is not going to interest them.


Another Factor


At the same time, there is the chance that one doesn’t value themselves, and this may have caused them to attract the wrong types of people. This can make them wonder if they will ever be able to trust anyone again.

Through being this way, they can either attract people who treat them badly, or they can end up with people who are ‘nice’. This is then going to cause them to be walked over by another person or they will walk over someone else, and neither of these options is going to be very fulfilling.

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