Sweet love text messages to girlfriend


Creating intimacy and feeling of closeness with your partner, choose messages of love for her that have meaning for the both of you, something which signals to her that you know her absolutely and perfectly well and that you love her as she is.


We therefore suggest these sweet love text messages to you inspire yourself a little. Here is a list of love text messages for her, and love messages, for both women and men that will impress your loved ones and make them understand the depth of your feelings.


Yet even when the feeling is there, sometimes we fall short of words: you might want to express everything you feel but you hardly find the right words.




  • Love a beautiful and kindhearted you, say a word that will never leave, walk the road of life hand in hand, protect a pure and weak heart, keep a long-lasting love, open a flower of the past, and wish you a happy life.


  1. Flowers and leaves, send a text message to miss; the wind returns, the road turns, the hearts and minds are happier; the stars are continuous, the months are continuous, and the New Year blessings are in the heart; the droplets, the raindrops, love you forever!
  2. The dolphin wishes to kiss the angel, but the sky is far too high! The angel desperately wanted to kiss the dolphin, but the sea was too deep! I’d like to hug you, but you’re too far away! I can only message you and say softly, “I miss you!”

4. Selling a true heart, the only one sold at home and abroad! It can be warm, caring, considerate, and considerate. Commit to free maintenance for life. Welcome to “call” for details.

5. Without you for a second, life will not run, without you for a minute, day and night will not be divided, without you for a day, life is like a year. Baby, don’t be busy too late, share with me happiness, don’t just say half of the sad!

Love messages you can send to girlfriend

6. What is love? Cats fall in love with fish and are reluctant to eat them; wolves fall in love with sheep and are reluctant to swallow them; clouds fall in love with the sky and are reluctant to disperse; I fall in love with you and decide to rely on forever!

7. Love has two times: the wasteland and the old age;  two characters: you I love and me you love;  locations: Tianya and Haijiao. Love is not two parallel lines, because the world of the two of us will eventually have an end. Let us hold our hands firmly and carry on love to the end!

8. I stopped when I was tired, my shoulders were waiting; when I was wronged, I let the tears fall, and my chest was waiting. Baby, Rose Valentine’s Day, in addition to roses, I want to give you the love of life forever.

9. Red beans pass on love-sickness, text messages to send affection; bit by bit love-sickness, affectionate greetings; life gains and losses, I will accompany you; the future is bitter and happy, and I will never give up; my heart is like a rock, never forgotten!

10. You are happy in cold weather, and you should pay attention to your body in cold days; happy with the whistling wind, don’t let the ruthless temperature freeze you; you who are gentle in a warm house, and no matter how cold you are, there will be My care warms you.

Sweet text message to girlfriend



11. Bring in love, hitting your feet, even pain is a kind of happiness; put it on a chair, calm down and appreciate it slowly; put it in your heart, until you get old, your position is Still There.

12. Baby, don’t forget to cover the quilt at night to save you from crying and crying. Pay attention to the cold and warmth during the day, and it is uncomfortable to catch a cold and get sick. Do not surf the Internet at night for too long to avoid getting up late. Be relaxed, happy, and healthy.

13. Lovely, you have stolen both my love and my heart. I’ve decided to take you to court. What crime should I charge you with? The judge combed through all of the criminal records and cases, and the jury unanimously decided: sentence you to life in prison.

14. Sooner or later, it’s good to meet you, more or less, it’s good that you care about me, whether it is wind or rain, it’s good to be able to hold you, or it’s hard or happy, it’s good if we are together. My dear, may you be happy because of me.

Make her Feel more with these love messages

15. Do not ask for our love to be so vigorous, do not ask for our love to be so lingering, do not ask for our love to have three lives in the next life, but only hope that our love in this life will be dull, hand in hand for a lifetime.

16. Only after crying did I know that life should be smiling, and only after laughing did I know that love is so beautiful, and only after love did I know that you are my only treasure, dear, love you forever!

17. The sound of blooming flowers, the wind knows, and the wind sows the slight fragrance; rain falls, the heart knows, and the heart writes care; your voice knows in a dream, there is lovesickness in the dream; if you want your voice, you know: how are you?

18. A diary full of smiles, full of traces of happiness; a calendar full of marks, leaving a sweet mark; you are the only one in your heart, which is an open secret; hold your hands tightly in this life, and you will never be separated again.

19. Baby: Don’t rest until you feel tired; don’t eat only when you feel hungry; add clothes when you feel cold; don’t miss me when you feel sleepy. ‘Take good care of yourself and your body!

20. It takes one day to wait for a sunrise; one month to wait for a full moon; one year to wait for a flower to bloom; one time to love you for a lifetime, a lifetime. Love you forever.

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Super sweet text message to girlfriend



1. I parked my heart in the rainbow after the wind and rain. I fix my gaze on the moon in the dark night sky. In fact, where you are is the other side of my happiness, and I most want to park my heart in your harbor.

2. Baby: sleepy, want to sleep; thirsty, want to drink; bored, do not worry; dry, do not fire; happy, want to be; smile, want more; caring, want to accept; lonely, want to hide. I remember there was me by my side.

3. There is a hot girl at home, who is very quick and hot, and she is really straight, healthy and healthy, and she is white and beautiful. You are my white lady, loving and loving for a lifetime.

4. Just walk with you in this way, no matter how long you will not be tired; walk with you on the streets in summer, hold an umbrella for you to block the sun; hand you a cup of herbal tea to make you feel refreshed. This summer, it is more beautiful to have you.

5. No matter whether life is turbulent or wandering, I will put you on my heart, let the affectionate impact on my heart every day, let the pulse beat all thoughts, and let the message convey the hope of loving you forever.

Romantic Love messages for girlfriend

6. No matter whether life is stable or not, I will keep you in my heart, let the affectionate impact on my heart every day, let the pulse drive all the thoughts, let the message convey the desire to be with you!

7. Draw a heart, place tenderness and honey, put a bunch of flowers, entrust good love-sickness, taste a piece of candy, taste happiness, and convey a love: I love you all the time, I miss you in the day and night!

8. Different times, different places, and the language are all writing stories about you, the same feeling, the same smiling face, and the mood are all imprinted with the unchanging love for you, one sentence, love you, two Word, forever.

9. Give me a second, I will think of you, give me a minute, I will miss you, give me a whole day, I will miss you, give me a lifetime, I will guard you, give me a text message to tell me Will say: I miss you!

10. I’ve never been a thief, but I want to steal your happiness! never cheated anyone, but I’d like to deceive you! hurt anyone, but I’d like to make you happy! relied on anyone, but I’d like to give you some peace of mind!

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