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‘The mosquitos are bad’ White Lady Dating a Nigerian Man Laments and sends a video to her family in America

A North American woman dating a Nigerian man makes a video of her poor living situation in Nigeria and sends it to her family in America.

A Nigerian man simply identified as Sam recently made a video detailing her living condition in Nigeria. The lady sent the video which has since gone viral, to her family members in America.

In the video, the lady who looked saddened stated that their home lacks a lot of basic items like a television, stereo, microwave and refrigerator. She informed her family members that they live without water for some days as there is no constant power supply to pump water for their little apartment.

She also said that the mosquitos that enters their house ”are so bad” that they bite her all over her body.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are currently reacting to her video. See their reactions below>

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